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The Program

VirtualRelocator™ is Australia’s only purpose-built relocation software program that powerfully assists Users throughout the lifecycle of their relocation and resettlement and features

The Deployment

Through the VirtualRelocator™ Destination Australia Program the VirtualRelocator™ is deployed from your tailored AdminCenter and enables Organisations to deliver a fully automated attraction, relocation and resettlement program to their mobile workforce that can:

The VirtualRelocator™ Destination Australia Program Features:

Benefits to Business Benefits to HR Benefits to People
Strengthens YOUR brand Standardise mobility process 6 month access with Touch-Point Emails
Great Induction Tool Tailored for your mobile population Independently research chosen city
Cost Effective Gets candidate over the line Say YES to relocation with confidence
Manages Risk Include policy and suppliers Prepare family & manage expectations
Demonstrate social responsibility Strengthens home-search programs Strengthens home-search programs
Equip agents with sales tool Deployed in-house Improve overall satisfaction
Ensure assignment success User data in reportable location Manage practical tasks before arrival
Staff reclaim lost time Allows for future key projects Develop a powerful action plan
  All Australian cities Hit-the-ground-running on arrival

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