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Complete Attraction & Candidate Care Strategy from US to WA

National Labor Hire organisation won a major tender for the provision of skilled workers for a FIFO situation in WA. The sourcing team located a pool of matching skills in one city in US as a result of a downsizing local economy and planted a recruitment team on the ground.

The Challenge: Whilst the talent and skills matched and employment was eager, having no idea of Perth, candidates couldn’t be convinced to relocate their established families. The client was looking to give the candidate a solid understanding of the city of Perth’s lifestyle and cost-of-living so that the candidate could make an informed decision.

  • ACTSBU competes aggressively with their comparative departments in other Australian states for the Skilled Migrant to choose Canberra as the preferred Australian destination
  • During the 12 month visa waiting period the sponsored migrant often discovers other states
  • There is no guarantee the sponsored migrant will actually arrive and settle into Canberra

Using VirtualRelocator™, the Labor Hire Company achieved the following outcomes:

  • The provision of a Perth centric online tool that allowed the candidate to research Perth against their own individual lifestyle and budget needs
  • A tool to equip the recruitment team and monitor the genuine interest of the candidate
  • Extended the brand in the US market
  • The provision of a solid yet automated relocation program throughout the pre-arrival to settling-in phase that included action points to trigger services like arrival accommodation, health insurance, removal etc
  • Could demonstrate to the client real candidate care through the process of resettlement
  • Provided a more holistic experience to the worker and their family

The Solution:VirtualRelocator™ was tailored under their brand to provide a powerful attraction, relocation and resettlement program that fully supported the entire life-cycle of the skilled worker from job enquiry to settling in and tailored Modules in the following way:

  • Short Listed Candidate - A dynamic strategy to promote Perth and the Labor Hire Company
  • Welcome to Perth - A proactive relocation model over 6 months throughout the pre-arrival to settling-in phase that included transactional provider triggers and segued to a home-search service on arrival
  • VRR Premium Enterprise License

  • Delivery Flow of All Modules

“The Relocator works in harmony with existing relocation service programs as well as it performs in a stand-alone capacity. And as the relocation industry embraces on-line technology as fundamental to service, the product has become even more relevant within the bigger mobility picture. RME delivers an extra-ordinary level of Thought Leadership into the relocation industry through this product and I would not hesitate to recommend it”. Mobility Specialist Kent Corporate Relocation

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