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Automated Self-Help Relocation Model for New Hires

An ASX Accounting Firm has a global work force that go on assignment or transfer between national offices and client sites.

The Challenge:Whilst current HR Mobility Policy provides for generous traditional relocation services for existing employees, it didn’t provide any assistance to New Hires or Graduates. Facing a global shortage in the accounting sector meant that competition was fierce against the competing accounting firms, sourcing and recruitment was constant, and the graduate program healthy. How could they provide some guidance but essentially still take a hands-off approach?

Using VirtualRelocator™, the Accounting Firm achieved the following outcomes:

  • An automated Induction Program that outlined their employee relocation benefits
  • The provision of a complete self-help relocation program to ALL Australian cities where offices were  
  • The inclusion of preferred supplier triggers so the new-hire could activate their own temporary accommodation and visa application
  • Could demonstrate real candidate care as a differentiator from rival accounting firms
  • HR administrators could deploy themselves and capture new hire information in one reportable location

The Solution:VirtualRelocator™ was tailored under their brand to provide a powerful induction and relocation program that fully supported the life-cycle of the new-hire and tailored one Module in the following way:

  • Welcome to The Team - A proactive relocation model over 6 months throughout the pre-arrival to settling-in phase that included transactional provider triggers so the new-hire could hit the ground running with a powerful action plan on arrival
  • VRR Premium Enterprise License

  • Delivery Flow of All Modules

“The set up went smoothly and we were fully operational within 30 days. The system is very user friendly and creating new keys literally takes only a couple of seconds. The feedback we have received from our people has also been most encouraging and it is clear that they are receiving tremendous benefit. In financial terms I note that we have after only a few months recovered our initial investment so we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association with you and your team.” Procurement, ASX Client

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