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Relocations-Made-Easy (RME)

RME recognized the enormous unmet need in both the corporate sponsored and skilled migration sectors for a low-cost self-service relocation assistance model. After 2 years of development, in 2004 RME launched VirtualRelocator™ a proprietary purpose-built relocation software program that delivers powerful self-help and complete relocation assistance and a smoother resettlement process for people moving to Australian cities and regional centers.

RME goes to exhaustive lengths to research city specific data in major cities across Australia and present it in a simplified online and easy to digest way so that Users can rely and act upon the currency, independence and quality of the data, to:

  • Powerfully and effectively learn about their new city in terms of their specific needs
  • Develop a pro-active action plan through the pre-arrival phase
  • Have a go-to location for all questions so as to hit-the-ground running and then settle

As a result of the Australian skills shortage and its attendant increase in the movement of highly skilled workers throughout Australia, many new non-traditional industry sectors opened up, each with their own unique challengers.

Taking a holistic approach to both the lifecycle of a transferee and the sponsoring organisation’s objectives and bottom-line, in 2008 RME further developed the VirtualRelocator™ Deployment Console enabling RME to tailor the way the program is deployed for organisations who face global sourcing and regular movement. In this way, organisation’s can deliver a total and sustainable automated mobility strategy under their brand, that’s tailored to solve their unique challenges, reflect their policies and processes and also provide flexibility for future key projects.

RME services organizations directly through a SaaS Enterprise License model known as the VirtualRelocator™ Destination Australia Program and has provided solutions for many of Australia's government skilled migrant, education, health, corporate ASX, recruitment, logistics and migration providers.

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